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About Society

“Daksh rural Energy Society “ Came into existence on 24-05-2003, Vide registration no. 157/2003-04, having its registered office at maruti Nagar Colony , Madarwan, Ramnaa , B.H.U. Varanasi Under the Guidance Of Shri Hemdutt Tripathi, President Of the society. Key Person of the Society is sunil Tripathi , who is Associated With The Society as Secretary.

One of the main object of the society embodied in the memorandum is to establish and run the technical & Vocational training institute for boysand girls. In the light of the said object society members came together to explore the possibilities of imparting the education and creating a balance between needs of economy and training activities of ITI s and established institutes in the names of “Daksh Industrial Training Institue “ Ramnna Varanasi, “IDEAL Industrial training Institute Ramnagar , Varanasi, “Swami Atma Das Industrial Training Institute Baraipur , Mirazapur, And “Daksh Industrial Training Institute Kaimur “ Kaimur , bihar , as units of Daksh Rural Energy Society .

The Indian Scenario

Through the ages, India have been Known for its arts, crafts and industrial Products. The practice of Training of skilled craftsmen in engineering trades Was introduced in India more then A century ago but was limited to few industries in private sector, railway Ordnance factories etc. Which had organized their own training centers to fulfill their specific needs. Some state Governments had also established industrial schools for boys and girls more as a social obligation.

In early 1950s, with the launching of five year plans of industrialization programmes stimulated a demand for workers with industrial skills. To Cope with this demand the Directorate General Of Employment And Training ministry Of labour, Government of India, Initiated Training Scheme’ in 1950 for imparting Skills in various Vocational Trades to Meet the Skilled manpower requirement for technological and industrial growth in the country. Vocational training in various govt. and private institutes became the principal means of turning out skilled workers.

Infact , Vocational training system developed under the ministry of labour & Employment (DGE&T) by affiliating variousPrivate Sector ITCs has Become one of the most comprehensive training systems in the country Govt. Is having the role of Supervising and monitoring These institutes by accreditation of various institutes laying down standards instructor training, instructional media development, trade testing and certification etc.

Current Scenario

The Indian economy is in the mode of globalisation and liberation and thus in need to develop skilled personnal in appropriate numbers with adequate skills, in consonance with the requirements of the ultimate users such as industries and service sectors. The same is being done by industrial training institutes.

The largest share of jobs in India is perhaps from unorganized sectors. As small enterprises have been the forerunner in generating employment, it was decided to develop the skills for these sectors. In the beginning there were only some traditional industrial trades like fitter, machinist , Welder etc. In which training was provided. But with the rise of service sector, trades like hospital management retail management etc. were added later for training . the vocational training system of india offers training through ITI s (Government institutes).

Vocationalisation of Education


Business and Commerce

Engineering & Technology

Health & Para Medical

Home Sciences

Humanities (Social Science & Others)

Institute’s Attainment

Institute’s object is not limited only up to train the students whereas to Help them to secure employment in private sector. Institute arrange for the campus interviews recruitment, fair etc. for the trainees after contacting various employers. And efficiency of candidates and this makes the students of institute capable to lead the world of industry.

About 400 Students were able to got placement in railway department as a loco Assistant pilot . many of the students got placed at maruti Suzuki manesar, ariva allahabad , baman India Haridwar, Tvs Wheels and other local firms. Some students are self employed and opened their own Shops.